How Snowflake Outperforms All the Rest

The benefits you get with Snowflake are just never-ending. Take a look

One Platform All Access

Snowflake offers one platform one copy of the data system, where you can integrate, unify, and analyze all your previously siloed data.

Fully Managed Cloud Platform

Snowflake's fully managed system is automated and intuitive, providing an easy interface for you to manage your data.

Near-Zero Maintenance

Snowflake automates maintenance tasks such as performance tuning, managing indexes, and partitioning data, so your maintenance costs will be almost zero.

Near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads

You can handle almost an infinite number of critical data workloads from just one planet.

Mobilization of Data

With Snowflake's Data Cloud, you get seamless access to all your company data across multiple public clouds and regions.

Near-unlimited scalability

With Data Cloud, you get near-unlimited scalability, so you can expect an improvement in competitiveness, efficiency, reputation, and quality of your business.

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Critical Data Workloads Simplified

With Snowflake, you get a user-friendly and fully managed cloud platform that offers near-unlimited scalability and simplified solutions for your critical data workloads. Here’s what you can expect when you migrate to Snowflake

  • 1
    Data Engineering Solutions

    Snowflake offers simplified data engineering in any language of your choice. You can now integrate all your data in one place and enjoy the benefits of almost-infinite scalability that Snowflake offers.

  • 2
    Tailored Data Lake

    Snowflake has reconfigured the traditional data lake system to offer you a centralized yet mobilized data lake. Now you can focus strictly on the progress of your business while Snowflake manages the access, performance, and security of your data lake.

  • 3
    Data Warehouse

    With Data Warehouse, you can access critical data from all the sources in a single place. You no longer have to waste time accessing multiple sources. With Snowflake, you can directly focus on analytics with near-zero administration of your data.

  • 4
    Easy Data Science

    With near-unlimited scalability, and an easy-access virtual data warehouse, Snowflake offers the most favorable atmosphere for data science. With the simplified interface and reliable data science partners of Snowflake, you can use any framework for data preparation.

  • 5
    Designing Data-Intensive Applications Simplified

    Building data-intensive applications that can handle the volume of data, concurrency, and scalability, often takes a lot of time and expertise. But with Snowflake's multi-clustered warehouses, near-infinite concurrency and scalability, and automated interface, you can build data-intensive applications without any operational burden whatsoever.

  • 6
    Extensive Data Sharing

    With a multi-clustered shared data architecture, you can share a single copy of all your data across the entire business structure and all your users. With the global data solutions, you can also run all your data across multiple clouds and regions. So, Snowflake offers a supreme level of data sharing power at your fingertips.


Snowflake's Three Layers of Genius

Snowflake brings you a unique and intelligent three-layer architecture that integrates storage, computing, and cloud services, but still logically keeps each of these aspects separate from each other.

Layer 1

Centralized storage

The core of this structure consists of highly secure centralized storage. The central storage is capable to hold all your data from multiple clouds in a single secure and fully managed platform. So you can seamlessly integrate all your data from Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other platforms, and manage everything through a single copy of your data.

Step 2

Multi-cluster Computing

The second layer of Snowflake's work structure is its multi-cluster computing layer. The computing layer independent of the storage layer even though it extracts data from it. The computing layer has its own dedicated compute cluster capable of handling any number of critical data workloads for you. The multi-cluster computing system divides the workload and provides faster computing, allowing you to access unlimited sizes based on your workload. The best feature of the computing structure is that it offers a pay-by-second model. So you don't have to pay for it once the workload is suspended.

Step 3

Cloud Services

Snowflake's cloud services form the outermost layer of its work structure. It holds the entire system together and makes your part easier. In this layer, Snowflake manages all the client-oriented services such as client sessions, transactions, security, metadata, query-planning, and a lot more. This tier, like all the others, is highly scalable, giving Snowflake the ability to handle innumerable client accounts and queries every day.

And That's The Future Fully Managed

The future holds unlimited opportunities, and to help you reap the best out of it, Snowflake brings you a futuristic cost-effective cloud platform with unlimited data opportunities. With the revolutionary architecture and supreme professionalism of Snowflake, you no longer have to worry about multiple platforms, scalability, computing, and sharing, of your business data.

Migrate to Snowflake Data Cloud and get ready for the future.